Member Spotlight: Marie Mozzi

Marie Mozzi, vitality coach, is owner of Get Real With MarieMMozzi_copy

How can chamber members benefit from your business?
I can help individuals or businesses find their vitality again! Productivity is a byproduct of how we ultimately treat ourselves. Energy, efficiency and success come from functioning at peak performance. With the right food, exercise and stress reduction, performance can only increase! There are so many confusing messages. Allow me to provide the truth by dispelling myths associated with wellness.

A business environment needs to promote personal success rather than one that creates a self sabatoge effect with morning danish and donuts, and little or no focus on personal well being. I’ll provide a motivational overhaul on “dirty habits” of the workplace that will ultimately increase productivity, morale and improve overall health. I also work with individual clients, families and groups providing programs that include the three powerful components of health-food, exercise and life balance issues (stress reduction, sleep etc)
Stop complicating the process to just feeling better! There are sooo many myths out there.

Primary Responsibilities
As owner of Get Real my responsibility is in educating individuals and groups on the truths around optimal living. I am passionate about sharing that message. I use a variety of modalities to help create personal lifestyle programs, provide educational lectures and seminars to groups and community members.

What do I love about my job?
I love the aha moments! Coaching to a place where a company or individual embraces and implements a “different” way to reach their goal rather is so exciting. My soft spot and work with teens and young adults is also a passion of mine. They really want to know the truth on feeling good---we just have to tell them!

Favorite Chamber event-- Ummm… not fair. It is hard to pinpoint one favorite Chamber event. I can’t do it! Each one of them has their own flair. Bottom line for me is seeing Community members support and honor one another. That’s my favorite part.

Hobbies, interests- I guess you could say I’m a performer at heart. I love to dance and sing. With an Italian and Irish background I love to cook! Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed taking family recipes given to me by clients and flipping them around to contain all natural and healthy ingredients. Never say never!!

Personal philosophy- Always remain a student and learn from everyone you meet. Even in a handshake there is a message. Build relationships, never being too busy to offer some help. You know that it will come back tenfold!!