Member Spotlight: Jim Tully

Jim Tully is owner and publisher of Seasons Magazine. jimTully

Please describe your ideal customer/client.
My ideal customer is a business or service that seeks to reach 100% of the higher household income of our delivered towns on the shoreline. Seasons strength of direct mail delivery that is dedicated to quality and limited ads are a must buy. Seasons has a great technology platform as well with Seasons social media, videos and our Seasons Magazines CT app which is free as well. We are also working on TV show (more on that as we progress). One more aspect is that Seasons is locally owned and operated and many businesses like to support local. We use only local contributors and Seasons gives back to support our communities because that is a strong belief and practice.

What are your primary responsibilities?
I am the owner/publisher of Seasons Publications, LLC and my primary responsibilities are to run the company as a whole, formulate short and long term strategies, employ the best and most talented people and drive revenue. I do not micro-manage and I let talented people have creative freedom. I always look toward doing things differently to the benefit of our advertisers and our readers/viewers. We never forget the focus is always on our products and our clients. Our clients “get” what makes Seasons different in a world of media choices. Our retention rate is 94% and we believe we have to earn our clients business every day. At Seasons we like to challenge ourselves and always have a fun.

What do you love about your job?
So many things but the top two are to be fortunate to work with the most talented, creative people in all our departments at Seasons. I encourage out of the box thinking and never, ever settle for what can be called lazy journalism. Our 16 awards at the CT. Society of Professional Journalism this year speak to our commitment to excellence. The second half is the relationship with my clients/ad partners and future clients. They know what Seasons does for the business and the ability to work directly with the owner and only the owner is important to them. We can literally create anything and again go outside the norm for their marketing needs. That bond is truly earned and one I am most proud of with my clients. When prospective clients ask about references I suggest they call any client and ask two things; one tell me about Jim Tully and then tell me about Seasons.

Name your favorite Chamber service, program or event.
What stands out for me are the people in the COC willing to help and advise. I thoroughly enjoy the monthly morning meetings and after hours. People are the difference.

What are some of your interests or hobbies?
My wife and three children, tennis, golf and music.

What is your personal philosophy on how to be successful?
Don’t be afraid to be different and take calculated risks. Work hard, work smart and never, ever forget how fortunate that I am.

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